10 Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home.

10 Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home.

Ten best ways to naturally whiten teeth at home.

We all dream of having the

perfect looking teeth you can see on the

red carpet 

and all over magazine covers

however, not all of us can afford to go

to the dentist to have our teeth

professionally whitened and that's 


save your hard-earned cash because we've

collected ten effective ways to

naturally whiten your teeth without

destroying your enamel 

or your bank

account before we get into the home

remedies you should know that all of

these methods must not be used at the

same time 

pick one and stick to it

plus if you have problems with your

teeth at home whitening may not be for

you can always check 

with your

dentist before hand to make sure taking

proper care of your teeth every day is

crucial for these remedies to work so be


to check out this video to see what

common mistakes you might be making in

your daily oral care routine

it's definitely eye-opening and 


and now let's dive into these DIY

remedies for natural teeth whitening in

the comfort of your own home

number 10 activated 

charcoal activated

charcoal has recently been gaining fame

as an amazing home remedy for teeth

whitening and it's no surprise since


for sure one of the easiest and

most inexpensive products to naturally

whiten your teeth as an antioxidant this

stuff truly works 

wonders by removing

all the toxins and surface stains left

by tea coffee and food consumption

brushing your teeth with activated

charcoal has been proven to lighten them

by up to three shades

pretty impressive right so if you want

to try it here's what you should 


crush up one charcoal tablet into a

powder dip your clean wet toothbrush

into it and brush your teeth as you

normally do just

don't freak out when

your teeth and mouth instantly become

covered in the black stuff it rinses

away to reveal brighter whiter teeth

number nine powdered milk and toothpaste

dairy products especially milk

significantly improve the health of your



because milk contains both

calcium and phosphorus which promote the

remineralization of tooth enamel you can

either put more dairy 

products in your

diet or simply use powder milk to brush

your teeth combine it with your

toothpaste for an even better effect

just put 

some toothpaste on your

toothbrush add a bit of powdered milk on

top and brush your teeth do this one to

two times a week to get your 


pearly white and strong number eight

baking soda and lemon juice baking soda

does a great job at removing surface

stains from your 

teeth making them way

wider as a result lemon contains vitamin

C which is known for lightening teeth

not to mention lemons have 


properties that kill the microorganisms

living in your mouth hey nobody invited

them in there the right way to combine

these two ingredients would be to put a

pinch of baking soda on your toothbrush

and then add a few drops of lemon juice

over it to 

achieve a set of bright shiny

teeth just don't use this whitening

method more than once a week that's

enough to get the desired effect 


keep your enamel healthy at the same

time you can also mix one teaspoon of

baking soda with two teaspoons of water

and brush your 

teeth with the paste this

combination provides a more gentle

cleansing so you can repeat this

procedure a little more frequently twice


number seven hydrogen peroxide hydrogen

peroxide is basically a bleaching agent

so it's a must-have for teeth whitening

however, before using hydrogen peroxide

make sure that your teeth aren't too

sensitive if you're good to go simply

dip a cotton swab 

into the peroxide and

gently rub it on your teeth be careful

though because this whitening technique

isn't recommended for frequent use 

as it

can harm your enamel doing it once or

twice a week would be plenty if you

don't want to risk damaging your teet

you can always 

find a toothpaste with

hydrogen peroxide in it from the store

this way you don't have to worry about

your teeth sensitivity because the

hydrogen peroxide is balanced out with

other ingredients' hydrogen peroxide can

also be used as a mouthwash before

brushing your teeth 

just make sure that

you're using either a one point five

percent or three percent solution for

this other possible options are hydrogen

peroxide gel or even teeth whitening

strips so get your hands on some

hydrogen peroxide in any of its forms

and enjoy your new snow 

white tea

number six baking powder and lemon juice

baking-powder eliminates stains on the

surface of your teeth and lemon juice as


already said has multiple components

that lightening teeth just mix a

teaspoon of baking powder and a teaspoon

of freshly squeezed 

lemon juice and you

guessed it you brush your teeth with the

paste this mixture will work wonders in

just two minutes but remember the 


rule do not leave it on your teeth for

more than two minutes because it will

damage your enamel after a couple of

weeks of using 

this home treatment once

or twice a week your teeth will be so

blinding that you'll have to warn people

to put on some sunglasses 

before you

smile at them number 5

sea salt lemon juice and toothpaste

another great component for a homemade

teeth whitening remedy.

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