Best Way to Lose Weight in 2021 | HOW I LOST 23 LBS.


Best Way to Lose Weight in 2021 | HOW I LOST 23 LBS.

Today I'm going to talk to you about some of my five best tips on how to lose weight in 2021 I am

sharing weight loss tips but I felt compelled to share how I lost 23 pounds because when I was looking to

lose weight followed a lot of different advice and that advice really didn't work for me and the reason I

wanted to  create this article and give you some of  my tips and what has worked for me to  lose weight

and hopefully it will help you to reach your weight loss goal in 2021 so let's get into this tips.


1.   One don't accept the fact that you cannot lose weight and this is what was happening to me

four  years ago I was eating healthy I was in the gym five  times a week but for some reason my

weight was going up and I was just an abnormally gaining weight I felt really hopeless and I thought that

I'm going to have to live with this for the rest of  my life I even went to my primary doctor and I expressed

my concern about you  know gaining weight and he told me that  I was perfectly fine and that there is

nothing that he can do keep in mind I will never over weight I am 5 - and I  was 129 pounds and I could

not accept that and I decided to go and see the nutritionist this was the first time  that someone actually

wanted to hear  what I was going through and I was  asking all the questions about my family

 history and I actually believe that he  was wanted to help me find a way to lose the weight by just

talking to me and expect what I have explained to him that  I was been gaining weight and that I've

had been having allergies and that I could not eat a lot of foods he  determined that I had a leaky gut if

you're not familiar with leaky gut is basically your intestines develop holes that are you G's

holes are usually developed when you it fools that your body cannot tolerate and now when you eat any

type of food these food particles can go into your bloodstream and your body thinks that  something

unusual its attacking it, and  it starts reacting, so I could not eat  vegetables I couldn't eat brussels sprout

 cucumbers eat watermelon garlic I couldn't eat a lot of vegetables that are considered very healthy I

couldn't  eat because when I would eat these foods I would flare up my throat and my ears  would be

itchy and I was popping  claritinG like candy the nutritionist s also suggested that I do a blood work


Which will determine what type of foods I am allergic to and he right away put me on a very strict diet

and I was onprobiotics and I was on the supplements  called repairer white synergy and Tamara

and these were all supplements that were  would help me heal my leaky gut that  would help tame the

inflammation in my body and that would put a good bacteria in my body first few weeks when I

 started eating this diet and when I started taking supplements I actually got worse I was like a

balloon my body was just not having it and it helped and it helped to have someone  that could reassure

me that this is all normal that I'm putting you know good stuff in my body that my body is not

used to and that eventually it will  start accepting it and that I will start  losing weight and actually he

was right  because a month after I started eating like that lost one pound and just to see myself lose one

pound I was extremely happy I finally saw that scale move down  in years.


2. To stop buying programs and meal plans that  promise weight loss in 2018 I tried every pass

 program and diet that I could get my hands on that promise  weight loss I'm not going to name the

actual programs that I've tried because  these programs might actually help you or help  you lose weight

this was my case, and you're going to find out why in a second  I'd also paid fitness gurus for meal

plans and workout plans here is why these programs did not work for me every weight loss program or

meal plan that I  have purchased for losing weight and  gaining muscle do you need to eat rice

and you needed to eat oats I was allergic to both of these foods and many  other foods that I was

actually eating at the time and instead of for me losing  weight my body was actually under so

 much stress if you're doing a program and not losing weight I highly suggest you see a nutritionist and

get your  blood work done because there it could be a reason or some kind of a foods that

 you could be allergic to or that your body cannot tolerate and that could be the reason why you are not

losing weight.


3.Lucy's weight slowly will set you on the four up for the results in a long run I've lost 16 pounds in a year

which means that I've only lost a little bit more than a pound every single month and that is that

reassures you that you are not going to lose a lot of water and muscle from your body when you're

losing  weight slowly and in 2019 I ended up losing about 12 pounds a little bit more than I anticipated  I

did get sick towards the end of the 2019 and lost a little bit more than I  wanted to right now I am a

hundred and  four pounds which makes it as losing 223 pounds in two years it really helped to

have someone to talk to while I was on this journey and that is why I say really you know go see a

nutritionist and it's going to help you when you feel discouraged or when you feel stuck.


4. Eat a well-balanced diet a well-balanced diet can mean a different thing for everyone it is very

 important to eat green vegetables such as kale spinach collard greens mixed greens salads, green

vegetables have a lot of anti-inflammatory properties they will help fight inflammation and they

will help heal your body from within if  you do a blood work and blood work tells you what foods you

can't tolerate you're  going to have a lot easier time creating your own well balanced diet and your

meal plan because we are all different we all have our own in tolerances and you should find out what

those in tolerances are for you for me for  example in 2018 when the doctor told me  that I should

eliminate most grains out  of my diet I ate a diet you could say  was closely the closest to Kido

I wasn't 100% focused on Kido where I  was measuring you know this amount of fat and carbs and

protein but my diet  included more fats than carbs you know just because I needed something to keep

me so she ate it throughout the day and  not get hungry but in 2019 was after I started feeling a lot

better I started  adding sweet potatoes zucchini and bananas into my diet I still do not eat rice hemp and

oats because those are the foods that my body cannot tolerate.


5. Make your own workout plan you honestly don't need a workout plan if I didn't go to gym I would

still lose this weight diet plays a major role when it comes to losing weight the only reason why I went to

the gym is because when you are losing weight you don't  want to necessarily lose a muscle and going to

the gym and doing 30 minutes of cardio will help with your cardio vascular health  training will help keep

some of that muscle you know and help keep you toned so for me for example I was going to the

gym four times a week five times a week one day I was doing the cardio and the rest of the days I was

two days I was working out my lower area which was my legs and butt because that is the area

where I gained weight the most and then I one day I would hit my back and one day I would hit my arms

and that was it I spent in the gym about 30 minutes and it didn't seem like a dreaded task but

rather something that I enjoyed and loved doing so let me know in the comments down below if you are

struggling with losing weight or if you have lost weight what has helped you lose weight and since this is

the only  article that I have on weight loss.I hope you like this article.

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