How to Breathe while Running - Proper Technique.

How to Breathe while Running - Proper Technique

How to Breathe while Running - Proper Technique

Hello friends  hope you all are good  how to breathe properly when running a lot of you guys have been

hitting me up asking me what's the proper way to read when you're running and so today I'm going to

explain this to you guys but not only am I going to explain this to you guys I'm  going to give you an

exercise that will help you understand how to do this after  you do this exercise you're going to

know exactly how to breathe when running,  I'm alex you guys are royalty without further ado let's get

into the article all right you guys the proper way to breathe  when running it's very simple you

 breathe through your mouth the breath through your nose as well right if your  nose wants to help

your mouth breathe  then let it join the party let's go over a quick exercise right now this is the

 exercise is going to provide you the Epiphany that's going to help you  understand how to breathe when

ready but  this exercise will help you understand a little bit even if you're on your phone  or you sitting

at your computer just  breathe through your nose close your mouth and breathe through your nose I'm

 going to do it with you guys do you feel it  okay now only breathe through your mouth right there 


you at right on your phone or your computer screen breathe through your mouth do you feel the

difference the next thing I want you  guys to do is breathe through your mouth  and your nose okay it's

kind of weird right if you try to breathe at the same  time I know you guys may be winter like

you just said if your nose wants to help your mouth breathe while you're running then let it well yeah

but you don't want to be trying to breathe simultaneously okay so your mouth and nose the exercise

 that I'm going to demonstrate is going to help you guys understand this  exercise right here alone will

show you  how to breathe properly okay now what  I'm about to do is basically just one lap and I need

you to do this to it at the end of this article you don't  understand just by the verbal explanation of how

to breathe properly  this exercise will show you okay I'd agree property without further a do just

one laughs you guys let's do it right now make sure you warm up before you do  this don't just come out

on the track  one day block said just do this  exercise to learn how to breathe  properly no warm-up

before you do type of running like this okay I already  warmed up you guys let's do it I'm going to start

from  right here you try what I want you guys to know and understand is that breathing is a bodily

function that you have only a limited amount of control over for the most part breathing is controlled by

your body's automatic nervous system if you feel like you're not breathing right you should go out and

do this exercise while you rent and your body is trying to inhale as much oxygen as you can so

they can provide your muscles enough energy on a normal day when we are resting we normally only

brief there I know however when we run and our heart rate is increased it's more efficient for us to use

both our nose and our mouth together I'm not saying you have  to breathe in through your mouth and

out  through your nose at the same time, but  I'm just saying it's optimal where your  nose is enough to

work together to  inhale and exhale you know I mean two holes to breathe in and out up is better

than just one I know it all sounds complicated, but you don't have to think  about it that much

breathing is controlled by your automatic nervous system okay so just  let your body do the breathing

and you do the running  I just finished running that 400 meter dash now I want you guys to do that some

thing after you finish running our 400-meter dash you're not going to be able  to control your breathing

and you're  going to just take a ton take the time to understand and just see how you're  breathing while

you're not thinking  about oh how should I be breathing you see what I mean I need to regroup myself

you guys, so I can't explain this to you guys now at the end of that workout  you're going to feel yourself

breathing  heavy now when you're breathing catch yourself at the end of that 400 and use your brain

instead of thinking about oh I'm tired this for a second become  conscious and then think about how

your body is breathing when you're not in control, and you're not you can't really  think about it in

control you see what I  mean so just come through mentally and see how you're breathing and then take

notes okay take mental notes like oh my  body's breathing like this right now  when I'm tired, and I can't

think about it, and then you'll see the most  efficient way to breathe okay to get the  most oxygen

because when you finish that  400 meter dash your body is going to be trying to breathe to get more

oxygen to  the muscles so that's just the most  efficient way now I'm not saying breathe

heavy like that when you're running  control your breathing but just take  note of the technique just

taking notes on the technique that your body is using okay I'm not saying sit there and breathe hard

while you're running it like you just finished a 400 in the middle of a run I'm just saying the way

that your body is breathing how it's breathing through the mouth and then how  the nose is coming in to

help basically make sure you understand that and then do it just like that in an efficient way

 while you're running and that is how you  breathe properly when running.

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