Best 5 Fruits for the Diabetics | What Fruits are Good for Diabetics.

The Best 5 Fruits for the Diabetics

The Best 5 Fruits for the Diabetics | What Fruits are Good for Diabetics.

Hello friends, in this article I shall be discussing the best 5 fruits for the diabetics ever

 wondered why there has been an upsurge on Google searches about what fruits and  foods are

beneficial for a diabetic  patient don't ever be misled by anyone  saying that diabetes can be completely

cured no it cannot be but yes it can surely be controlled diabetes is a slow but  short killer and the

only hope  to survive with diabetes is to keep a vigilance over your diabetic diet plan so if you have

diabetes follow these 5  diabetic friendly fruits to improve your  sugar control and antioxidant levels you

must be aware of the fact that not all  fruits are advised for the diabetic patients because almost all

fruits have  high fruit sugar content which is called fructose even a piece of mango can shoot up the

 blood sugar to a very high level that is  why it is essential to know what fruits  actually do more good

than harm to a diabetic patient having a diabetes  doesn't mean you should always avoid

carbohydrates but you should definitely keep a watch on your portion sizes, so there are five best fruits 

I will share with you.

 1. List is berries it is need less to explain the well-known health  benefits of berries loaded with  

Antioxidants they help you  to fight against oxidative stress thus protecting  you from various cancers

and toxic metabolites  blueberries have  considerable amount of collagen building  nutrient that

prevents the stiffening of  the joints in a diabetic patient and is  also known as anti aging berries in one

study it was claimed that  strawberries actually help in killing livers cancer cells blackberries has the

potential to keep a good check on the cholesterol  levels of a diabetic patient.

  2. List is apricots there is a strong point why I am in so much of  favor for this special fruit for the  

Diabetics its  sweet it's loaded with vitamins and  finally despite its sweet taste it doesn't shoot up the

glucose levels like  other carbohydrate rich fruits do dried apricots are even better because they are

readily available as an instant food for the diabetic patients it has good quantity  of vitamin A

vitamin C potassium magnesium fiber which keeps you full and checks instant rise of your post 

perennial blood sugar levels, this is really best fruit for diabetics.

3.   peaches nutritional value as equal to the apricots the peaches help to enhance your metabolism and

lose weight I am against the canned and preserved peaches as the added sugar content is huge

apart from vitamin A vitamin C potassium and fiber peaches are also rich in iron this helps you fight

against anemia in the diabetic patient.

4.  The pears again it's the same reason why pears are good for the diabetic patients  sweeten taste but

low in glycemic index these fruits are good source of many nutrients like fiber and vitamin A and there

are some more things in this fruit if you really consume it then I will sure your diabetes will control.  


5. There  is no  other reason why diabetic patients  shouldn't consume on the last point  apples are the

best fruits in the whole world they are packed with  antioxidants vitamins fiber and so much  a good

stuff that you don't like to miss  if you are really serious about your  diabetes apples are also known to

prevent the development of neural  problems like multiple sclerosis Alzheimer's disease Parkinson's

disease though bananas are also excellent  fruits, but they have a higher glycemic index  as compared to

the above now eating right is the only way to stay healthy for a diabetic patient also remember to check

your glucose sugar level weekly walk daily and eat right this is the best way to survive the diabetic

complication thank you all for visiting us if you have really liked this article then do share with your

friends and one last thing I want to say you every problem has solution if really want to fit then eat

healthy and stay fit, thanks so much guy’s for reading  this article.

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