Tips to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy .

Tips to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Tips to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy 

Hello friends today I am talking about


Tips to keep your kidney healthy now


there are several ways to reduce the 

risk of developing kidney disease so 

following other tips to look after the

health of your kidneys the first and the

most important tip would be to drink

plenty of water one should drink at

least 10 to 12 glasses of water every

day which means around two and a half to

three liters of fluid in 24 hours

especially warm water because it is more

helpful for the kidneys the water helps

to flush out various toxins salt and

other uremic products from the body and

maintains the homeostasis and correct

balance of the body the next step would

be to have a salt restricted diet or

keep a low sodium diet all around one

should avoid intake of packaged or

restaurant products do not add any extra

salt to your diet try to keep your salt

intake in 24 hours - less than 5 grams

in a day taking excessive salt adds to

the risk or development of hypertension

hypertension related kidney disorders

and also increases the risk of

regression of various kidney diseases

the third tip would be to maintain an

appropriate body weight target a BMI of

less than 24 especially in the case of

Indians if you have an excessive body

weight or are obese the load that has to

be filtered by the kidney increases and

can cause kidney damage in the future

try to get your blood cholesterol levels

checked and try to keep them under check

because if the cholesterol de position

happens in renal arteries it will

further, damage to the kidneys and leads to

progression of kidney disease the next

step would be to monitor your sugar

levels and try to keep them under

optimum levels by optimum levels I mean

target and hba1c of less than 6 a

fasting blood sugar level of less than

100 and a postprandial or towards post

meal blood sugar levels of less than 200

damage is especially common in diabetics

it starts with proteinuria or protein

leakage which in turn gets converted to

rise in the serum creatinine levels and

rapidly increases the progression of

diabetic related kidney disorders so my

advice is avoid any sweet products

avoid addition of any sugar to your

products and if you are a diabetic meet

a physician take your drugs the oral

hypoglycemic agents which he has

prescribed or insulin and check them

regularly and keep and maintain it to

the target levels as discussed before

the next step would be to monitor your

blood pressures and keep them under

control now hypertension is both the

victim and villain in kidney disorders

so if you have high blood pressures it

can cause kidney diseases can lead to

its rapid progression the truth is if we

think about it the other way around that

you have chronic kidney disease then it

can also lead to hypertension so

restrict salt in your diet keep a

healthy lifestyle balanced your

lifestyle in a way that your blood

pressure is under control if you are a


your physician take the tablets that he

has prescribed and regularly monitor

your blood pressures the target blood

pressures would be less than 120 by 80

coming to the next step get your kidney

function tests urinalysis and

imaging investigations of the kidney

which includes an ultrasound

KUB done regularly if you are a

high-risk patient which include

diabetics hypertensives

patients of coronary artery disease

metabolic bone disease obesity than one

should get themselves tested even more

often if you have a family history of

these diseases again you are at high

risk or you have a family history of

kidney diseases then you are at high

risk get these tests done if there is

any abnormality meet a nephrologist and

prevent the further progression of

kidney disorders the next step would be

to quit smoking another one of the most

preventable modifiable risk factor would

be smoking

everyone knows smoking increases the

propensity of coronary artery disease

strokes hypertension worsens diabetes

but few people know that even smoking

one cigarette per day actually leads to

progression of kidney disorders so if

you are a smoker and you have a kidney

disease it will many-fold increase the

risk of progression so my advice is

strictly avoid smoking it is a

quintessential requirement for those

people who have kidney diseases maintain

an active and balanced lifestyle I would

suggest that do a moderate exercise of

around 45 minutes per day five out of

seven days in a week by moderate

exercise I mean jogging cycling swimming

various kind of racket games do not

follow any sedentary lifestyle if you

have a sedentary lifestyle try to move

around in your office take a stroll

after having your line

because all these increases the chances

of obesity and metabolic syndrome which

further, predisposes to kidney disorders

one of the most important tips that I

want to give you is avoiding the

unnecessary use of any painkillers or

any alternative medications we know that

most of the people in case of even a

small headache go to a rounder of the

corner shops take various painkillers

like bluefin combi frenum indomethacin

all these painkillers are not good for

the kidney boron is used a lot by

patients nowadays these painkillers have

been implicated in the progression of

chronic kidney disease especially

chronic to blow interstitial disorders

so my advice to you is please avoid them

also, if you've taken these painkillers

get your free kidney function tests and

urinalysis done relatively kidney

safe painkillers would be paracetamol

tramadol or ultra set last but not the

least balanced your lifestyle take a

restful night's sleep of around eight

 hours this is extremely important to

 keep you healthy thank you


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